Monday, October 25

Things that turn my crank:

 Tuscany rocks are in! Visit my shop to see the collection

The perfect point of paint on my old faithful brush that will deliver a just right “dot” in a design

Today at the post office. The line of people, instead of being grumpy for the wait, took to laughing and coming together trying to help some guy on crutches carry his many packages

Inky orange and carnival pink sunrises 

My husband finding a flat  + smooth circle rock for me while getting water for our holding tank

cake donuts dipped in chocolate

gray jays coming around

slowly decorating a well loved space

pee your pants kind of laughing

and alchemy lists…


smelling my husband in bed after a nice sleep.

opening Madeleine's door in the morning and hearing her say "Es dia, Mami!" 
(it is daytime!).

making and drinking my cafe con leche and my toast with butter.

driving to work and listening to music.

finding a beautiful inclusion under the microscope.  

walking my dog Rugby in the evening.

getting a hug from my daughter when i walk in through the door.

the bedtime ritual (prayers, books, songs, sleep)

being the only one awake in my house when the world is dark.

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