Monday, September 27

Paint Fumes + Progress

I’m almost done with a project that sat in my mind’s eye for a little over a year. The idea to paint the walls came on hot and heavy about this time last year. As did the desire for a few antique pieces and a mosaic of treasures that is the result of a summer combing garage sales.  With winter around the corner, I’ve noticed a pattern in myself.
I get this itch to get my home space just right. I kind of obsess. It's true.  I find myself throughout the day thinking about things like lighting, flannel sheets, a new duvet, giving my fridge flare a freshening, moving around furniture, deep cleans, purges, framing art and color. Each trip from the hardware store this year left me walking out with some serious paint chip loot. I lived with chips tucked into windowsill trim for weeks. Some made it as fridge flare based on their color names (True North). My point in telling you this is so you'll know I'm a girl who does not take finding color for her walls lightly. I research people. It takes time. And then there is – and this is my favorite part - all that mind living daydreaming different decorative details. That said, I am at the end of repainting the inside of our home (ya-hooo) and I’ve got to tell you it changes my life. No joke. To see the collaboration of our eclectic style against warm colored walls is a crazy thrill. And throw in new light fixtures and I'm humming hallelujah's. I can’t wait to share it with you! I have a few days left redecorating with some fine pieces from this summer’s garage sales. I'll tell you there is a credenza. Which aside from being a clean line beauty is simply fun to say: "Cre-den-ZA! Do you want to see my credenza? Let’s have a drink near the credenza!" Such a swanky name that credenza.

What I love about our home improvement projects this past month are the little things. It’s been a while since I got my list on and now seems like a good time to do it. Ahem. 

The drive thru espresso run is guaranteed once a day.

Sunshine every day we worked outside sanding, staining and such

Bagels and homemade cookies from Lulu’s 

The satisfaction of washing years of dirt off walls

New light fixtures which = well lit rooms for a one dark ass winter

Listening to This American Life, audiobooks and Pandora streams

Facebook "water cooler" breaks

At the end of the day seeing freshly painted walls and progress

Muscle sore manual labor

New tree top view from bed

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