Wednesday, September 29

First wood stove of the season and other news

I like dinner parties. I also like sanding parties that involve moose taco lunches. Sometimes you’ve got to mix it up and that’s just the thing that inked my social calendar this month. In an effort to get as many outside projects done before the solvent freezes and hands burn on cold, we invited our friends over for a sanding party! We worked on refinishing nightstands and they brought over a garage sale treasure of a rocker. They too were swept up in that same stream of “getting it done” before snow flies and night settles in.  It’s in the water up here. The urgency hits hard the last month before big bad winter comes knocking.

union break

Half way into the sanding projects the gorgeous autumn light was too much to resist. My finger started itching for the ol’ Nikon. Our yard kind of set fire with light through late afternoon leaves. The magic hour was upon us. What is one to do in this situation? Obvious answer would be to steal away my beautiful friend who happens to be 8 months prego for an impromptu photo shoot of course! 

Isn’t she lovely?!! I have to share. . .

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