Thursday, September 9

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hi friend. 

I’ve been thinking about you over coffee and last bites of desert. I’ve been wondering what to tell you about my vacation. I lived a lot of  Il dolce farniente  which translates into the sweetness of doing nothing. Indeed. I love that Italians deem this worthy enough to make a saying out of it. It is an art they have perfected and it did me right to live it.

It will come as no surprise that I’m weaving together the last warm threads of my vibrant little vacation in solitude. Lot's of studio time these days to process it.  Oh Italy - you are a country to love. I came home quite smitten. I’ve been taking on the return of a schedule and a "to-do" reeeaaalll slow and between you and me - my dreams at night are still color warmed and taste like sunlight. 

September flurries in now with a familiar feeling of transition, grace. 
Before I know it I will be writing you alongside moonlight - 
We’ll exhale big breaths of crystals together
and remember all we have that warms us.

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