Friday, September 17

If I had something up my sleeve it would be random. Read on.

rainbow light on 'soon to be painted' cabin walls 

 I’ve got a blow out of an Indian summer happening up here. We are on the second week of sixty-degrees and cloudless skies. 

Trust me. I am taking it all in for winter. Doing so is a must for me because at some point I’ll get a little lunar myself. It’s a part of the deal of living in North Country.

 Living in the land of blue moon light is layered in perk upon perk (it’s true) but everyone needs memories of summer color and warm days to get through 8 months of dark and cold. 

See. I heard you shout that “amen”. You’re picking up what I’m putting down.

heart + star

Onward - tonight the moon was HUGE and ORANGE and REFLECTING on still water. It was down right magnetic so I pulled over to simply soak it in. You know the moon is about breathless + beauty when such a thing occurs. I hope you saw it where you were. It was something else, I am sure you would agree.

Over the last few days in the manic that is preparing for winter:  We built a bed! 

And cut all the wildflowers back for vases.  

We even got the best color to paint our kitchen. Think Tuscany and be sure to throw it on the hot sun. It's oooh La La. And I've even got a painted stone giveaway going on over on my facefook fan page through the 24th!  It's exciting. Become a fan and you might win this very stone:

To see the whole collection click here

In the store now!

and just so you know, Talia my sweet dog still takes her cookies lying down.

Happy Mid September!

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean about the perfect weather, Amy.
    It has been incredible ...and no wind in Delta either!
    I saw that moon peeking through a stand of trees last night but didn't get to see it in it's full glory.
    Store plenty of sun and I think your painted wall will help you through the winter.
    xoxo Kim

    PS, if you're in town stop by the final market Sat. or Bad Girls next week so we can meet.