Friday, July 23


Self Care. Always done it, always triggers notions of naps, pedicures and playing hooky.  I remember being in high school, sitting with my mom in a salon waiting room flipping through a magazine and coming upon this:
Take today off. Call in well. With one tear it was in my pocket.
The cut out later became a magnet, which held prime time real estate for years as flare on my fridge.

It just makes sense to me. Call in well. Hallelujah someone has it figured out! When I was drudging through my 8 to 5 years it was a mantra. Remember the bit about me always being in the negative when it came to my “Paid Time Off” balance when I worked in corporate America? Yeah. I do believe I was calling in well. I think it is how I survived it. You must live life like you’re on vacation.

Soooo, In Celebration of today’s self care, A List:

Lunch time at the everythingismadefromscratch!! College Road Falafel Stand
(ps) I will miss you this winter

Running the uphill part on the road that leads home. You know the good sweat, heart pound?

Pilates, baby

Gawked over a beautiful sunset (which hey! happens to land on the 22nd of July and you know how I love a twenty-two.)

The release that comes with writing and editing photographs 

Painted on rocks with kids. Had a meeting about their art opening + talent show next week…it is going to be tops! Good things to come.

Spirals in the messy

Big Exhale, 

See you later today ((noon - three alaska time)) for the Dillon’s Moon Print Giveaway!

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