Thursday, July 15

Out of nowhere

I had the mother of all surprises tonight!

Here’s how it went down: I was doing one last swirl around the internet before bed when I decided to hop on etsy.  I wanted to try and find an artist I stumbled upon months ago who doodles on rocks (I am happy to report that I found her). I love her metallic abstract designs. They make me think of art deco jewels, henna tattoos and symbols that would be inked on the scripts of mystics. Seriously love her designs!
The shop is called Doodlage, you should drop by! 

So, maybe 20 minutes in of getting lost in the lovely handmade world of etsy, I noticed I had “3” “convos” in my inbox. Hmmm. I wondered what they were about. I’d just re-opened my shop and it has been kind of quiet. It was starting to feel like Christmas morning in my stomach.  Curious, not being able to ponder what the messages were about one second more, I clicked to open my inbox.

Holy!! I found that THREE lovely souls had put THREE of my painted rocks in their treasuries! Check out these three treasuries! Wow!

Thank you so much to Max, Lori and Karin!!

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