Wednesday, July 14

Good Things + Shots from around the yard

I’ve been feeling the flow. I think it’s because alongside waiting tables I’ve been doing art projects with kids. It's been gift upon gift for me. Kids keep you grounded and laughing. I love them for that, what generosity. It’s easy to see their pure heart, especially when they are smiling onto brightly colored paints and blank canvases.

Campfire Artist in Program                          "Rock Art Project"

We’ve been making Dream Boxes, Birch Heart Paintings and Rock Art. We are even turning out lists of our daily good onto claybord surfaces (think painting on eggshells). All of this inspires me to sweet list it with a scribble I impulsively wrote down when I was struck suddenly, waving my hands at 2001 – 2009 nostalgia. 


Lucking into house sitting for most of the Summer in 2007.
( * ) I drove to Fbks. from Tucson, AZ to paint my Alaska Summer Collection with no place lined up to live. It all fell into place so nicely and it was completely out of my control! Imagine landing at a beautiful log cabin on some acreage, perched high on Pandora in the Goldstream Valley. The place took 12 years to build. It’s balconies in treetops, wide planked wooden decks, windows, solarium and observing tower. It has heart. Stained Glass. Green lawns. Trees and worn paths leading to gardens.
It’s some kind of wonderful.

Log boxing Murray Taylor
( * ) My first and last smoke jumper pig roast at Birch Hill. I remember it fondly. There were bonfires, boys throwing axes at trees, kegs of beer, chemistry and a twenty something girl that was searching and feeling sassy, which of course makes log boxing a grown man completely logical.

Dress up dare garage sale and the all nighter
( * ) here’s how it works: you allow the friend that you are helping out with the garage sale hand pick an outfit for you from the sales stash and vice versa. You must stay in the chosen outfit as you man the sale for a designated period of time.  I believe my outfit went something like this: light gray long johns that were too short and a bit snug, a half shirt with a sunflower on it, high heel cloggish type shoe with a nice vinyl belt to round it all out.  It was a good laugh!

 Cold Ones, any time, every time, on the Chena River
( * ) who could ever deny the goodness of laying in voluptuous sunlight, floating down a  river in a canoe (boat, inner tube, kayak or raft for that matter) while wearing some summery thing and drinking icy cold beverages? Come ON!!  It’s so good isn’t it?

Zucchini Leaf

These days, I have been loving the daily simples, like watering and weeding the garden and greenhouse,

cooking homemade things, 

Homemade Veggie Pizza and XXX Root Beer

spending whole days outside, clean kitchens, aired out cabins, freshly laundered sheets and midnight light! 

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