Sunday, July 18

i love a sunday evening and other good things

I opened my email today and found these two pictures from my sister waiting for me.

Heart bruise on apple                                        Photo credit: Eins Plus Mit Stern

Mikey the cat is a spiral                                      Photo credit: Eins Plus Mit Stern

She was thinking of me in hearts and spirals, how great is that? You know,  she recently became a co-conspirator in the blog world (this is where we would dork out and high five each other) with Eins Plus Mit Stern,  stop by and say hello, stay for a good story and this summer's Hot Spots in Wurzburg, Germany!

There was also a note of kindness from a stranger trailing behind. I was humbled by it. It made all those late nights and learning curves of being an Artist worth it. May the same spirit it was written in return rightfully to the owner. Thank you for the feel good. 

I just had to write to tell you you how inspiring & amazing your blog is for me, a young art student whose trying to figure out who i am as an artist right now. I have fallen in love with how you incorporate beautiful things from your daily life into your photography and art. I have been posting photography and my classwork art on my facebook in the same way by capturing what I feel is art in my own life. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you thank you for unknowingly helping me understand my own sense of art style. (JH)

 Tomatoes I picked this morning

And today was a day to get rocks ready for patterns to be painted on them

Coming soon to my etsy shop!

Wishing you welcome mat's and winged things 

- Happy new week -

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