Wednesday, June 30

because sometimes you just need to drink 'Airborne' out of a wine glass

I am out of my groove.  My summer months always seem to turn manic at this point in the season as I try to pack every thing in. Go figure that my recent vacation and lingering cold are teaching me about the necessity of playing and resting. Playing is easy when you are cozy’d up high on a hill off a turquoise colored lagoon, far from technology and to-do’s. 

Halibut Cove Lagoon, West Cabin 

But lately, when it comes to resting, I am not the best student. It's evidenced in this 12 day cold that’s been hanging around. My body is ordering me to slow down.

Old Inlet Bookshop                                                                    Homer, Alaska

 Like I said, not the best student.  I am showing you that right now with this almost 1 am blog post – having told myself earlier that I would be in bed by 10pm! I was even scribbling down a future blog in the bath earlier. A bath, ahem, that was meant to relax and release. At one point, I had to dunk my head under water and focus on - “Where am I now?” “The bath.” “Okay. All you have to do is relax. breathe. soak. BE in the bath.”  ((silence)) Then, my mind exploded, running off in a million different directions, to some tune from one never ending jingle that being a self promoting artist is. Whoa mamma! It can sometimes feel SO HUGE, cultivating this dream of mine. Which is why I think at some point we all end up soaking in hot baths, with 12 day colds, drinking 'Airborne' in wine glasses.

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