Thursday, May 13

a little diddy for today

Before I know it,
the camera is around my neck,
I am spiraling down the staircase
heading straight towards the counter,
the pen now is in hand,
just in time to spill on to a wide ruled sheet.

The creative spirit comes on like that. It is gale force colliding into
currents of instinct and impulse.  
It’s inspired,
imagined and in an instant
if you are not there to be the one to ride it home.

Show up for your art peeps. That is all we've got to keep creative going round.

So many good things today, gush with me over 

Kombucha tea

green leafed things

good garage sale finds 

and the clock on the wall that tells the story about how I knew Matt was the real deal.

Oh yes, I'll be seeing you on graceful swings into just the right things, deary. 
Take good care 'til then.

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