Wednesday, March 3


I have been steeped in joy and knee high in bliss.
On 2/22 I married a man who found me in my 32nd year.

There is a story here, a testament to life’s little coincidences and intersecting time lines. It is, a story I will share with you another time. For now, I want to tell you: it was snowing big, fat flakes, we were surrounded by a small group of our Alaskan friends, we drank whiskey in short glasses . . . 
and toasted champagne around a fire. It was full of origami paper cranes floating above mason jars filled with candles and birdseed, peachy colored lentils, maroon colored beans and jasmine rice . . .
It was daffodils, tulips and bright pink hyacinths. It was happiness and double over laughter. It was one sweet moment tied to another sweet moment . . .
It was simple and eclectic and full of color.
It was heart bursting happy and deeply rooted content.  It was knowing and believing and unfolding easily into understanding that the Universe conspires on your behalf – always.

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