Saturday, February 13

February 14th

I don’t usually get schmoozed by Valentine’s Day.
I pretty much think it is a consumer holiday.
I like the sentiment, I am just not convinced it is store bought or heart shaped & filled with chocolate. Silly advertisements, love is for free thinkers (and single people) too.

Love is messy, man. It is juicy, heart bursting and intoxicating. It can bring you to your knees while flying your kite. I am convinced it is best when passed back and forth freely and fearlessly.

And with that -

Let me tell you what turns my crank:

Showing love in little ways, like getting coffee ready for your sweets the night before an early rising or connecting with a stranger in a moving and meaningful way.  It’s really listening when someone speaks. It is taking out the garbage and shoveling the driveway. It is cutting the crust off a sandwich and hanging around with your blood/chosen family.  It is slowing down long enough to look up. It is letting someone cut in front of you at the grocery store and laughing as you hit every red light even though you are terribly late. It is Love, peeps. Spreading, spiraling L O V E.  We’ve got to keep it going ‘round. . . share a little of your hand made love today – write & hide a note for your near and dear to find *

Here’s to good loving on every. single. day. of the year.

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