Friday, January 15


I am eating leftovers. Not just any leftover’s – birthday leftovers. The best part? The chocolate Ice cream cake.   33 is already delicious.

A cover of Love and Happiness is playing on Mountain Stage tonight. I can’t help but have a flashback to high school – listening to Al Green sing loud out of tall stereo speakers, kicking it on Carrie’s water bed with Emily. It was after school. We were drinking Dr. Pepper’s and smoking cigarettes. There was a Pentax K 1000 between us. We were making art and bouncing back and forth in possibility. It was the early days of a wide-open life.

(Side note: Carrie and Emily, and many more lovelies will be featured in 2010’s Lovely Lady Series, returning this spring!)

what thirty below can do on the inside of one's front door 

I am happy to share with you that acting with intention has been working out for me. I’ve been taking photographs daily and digging into what this Mac can do! I am a smitten kitten when it comes to this piece of technology. I think I even squealed the other night when I was editing images. Thanks Apple for the love.

Today is the winter deadline for Alchemy of Connection lists. Thank you to everybody who has helped grow the idea into a lovely collage of daily joy’s with your lists.  I am inspired by you and am eager to continue our conversation with washes of iridescent paint, vibrant color and tiny detailed dots.

If you missed this deadline and find yourself wishing you could send me your list – no worries - you will get a chance in June *

 Happy January, Love.

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