Friday, September 18


Paint shaped heart, Autumn 2009

It's raining. My window is open, my bare feet are cold. Birds sing in the distance every now and again. There are low clouds riding the river and golden pockets of Aspen and Birch curve on the hillside. In feeling around, I think this is one of the reasons I chose Alaska as my home. I want to experience exactly this - her edge of season.

There is something familiar about Autumn. It flutters butterflies in my belly. There is something eager and expectant about it. It is outlined in cobalt blue and dotted in star light. The moon returns and leaves drop. Mornings begin and end in coolness. Thick socks get slipped on more than my flip flops and all I want to do is cook winter stews and bake bread. A few more weeks and snow will be flying. Once again, a wood stove will warm me . . .
I know what is coming.

It is quiet, now. I've been sitting like this for an hour or so, just staring out the window. In front of me, eighteen new paintings. They are the first pieces in a year long study I began on 9.9.09. Details and images surrounding this collection will arrive in good time. Until then, I will tell you a secret* It is my wish to engage you in a communion of quiet with this collection. To create a space that opens in you well being and deep peace. It is a soft place to land and a hand to hold, it is why i paint.

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  1. such great pics! I am so excited to see your new work. I loved the couple of new ones that I saw!! you are wonderful!