Monday, September 28

Look what showed up on my door. Winter 2009

(2009) I like: Learning that it is all CONNECTED. Numbers. Nature. Pattern's. Foreign Script's. Bright ideas. Twinkling lights. Jumping off high dives. Curiosity. Contagious laughter. Sleeping cities. Patchwork quilts. Attention to detail. Good listeners. Tipping points. Living out dreams. Resting. Revving up. . .

As a woman Artist, living in a technologically driven culture, I wonder what this "tweeting-chatting-blogging--texting-online grouping" is really about ? I think it's about wanting to feel connected, seen, heard. The modern world offers a variety of  veins on the Internet to do just that. Connections are playing out in events around the globe and in the tempo of people's private lives. Everything is made of energy, everything is connected.

On 9/9/09,   I reached out to my Internet community asking if they would share with me a brief list of their daily joys and pleasures. Drawing inspiration from these simple joys and pleasures, a testimony that we are more connected than dis-connected, I am pursuing a year long study on connections. Working with 5" x 5" claybord panels, I will create one large composite art piece, a quilt of connections.  Throughout 2009 and 2010, I will call upon you to share new lists with me and inspire new depths, as we create this body of work together, your words and my paintings.

* a post requesting new lists will be released randomly in December right here. Bookmark me and stay in the loop! 

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  1. I love the new art work!!! and I love the idea. i think I love it because i will get to see what you are creating! what an amazing sister I have :)