Friday, October 10

Dillon's Moon is available in print !

Dillon's Moon, Limited Edition Giclee Print, $120

For the first time in over a decade of painting, I have produced a limited edition printing of the popular painting, Dillon's Moon.

Before, I never entertained making prints of my work because I didn't feel that the print would convey all of the subtleties of the original. In my originals, there is an abundance of detail -- tiny dots and repeating patterns of lines, subtle transitions and passageways in my washes, brushstrokes of iridescent paint that create a light catching glow. . . well, feeling a consistent nudge from the greater powers that be, last week I had my first print made!

Technology has come a long way - the print of Dillon's Moon took my breath away! It looks just like the original.

Here are the lovely details of the print -

Each Giclee print is on archival, acid free elegance water color paper (a medium weight rag paper) , 100% pigmented archival ink is used, which means no fading! The image size is 8 1/2 " x 8 1/2 " printed on 11 1/2" x 11" sized paper. I will personally work in the iridescent washes that are on the original, since iridescent inks do not exist at this time in the printing world. Each piece is titled, numbered and signed.

There will only be 222 prints in this limited edition and they are going fast!

If you decide to order your own print of Dillon's Moon, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for it's delivery.

You can purchase a print by visiting my website and clicking on the image of Dillon's Moon. You will then be prompted and lead to pay pal. If you prefer to pay with a personal check or money order, I am happy to accommodate you -- contact me directly at

Thank you!!

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