Tuesday, July 23

We are moving!

Hi Loves.

We're in the process of moving this blog over to my brand new website amykomar.com.

It's been too long since I've posted here and there is lots of "new" to share! I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging....I mean it's been since November...dang, time flies.

I'll be sure to make a formal announcement on facebook, twitter and instagram when we have everything up and running. In the meantime be sure to bookmark the new site. In addition to my Etsy shop, there will be an additional shop housing even more originals. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for hanging with me during the quiet times. I've missed you! See you over on amykomar.com  (((xo)))

Thursday, November 29


I can always count on November for moments when you want to stop in your tracks- - throw-your-head-back-wide-eyed-face-frozen- -and look up.
Oh this night sky! The moon has put on quite a show lately and the last two nights are no exception. Our front lawn has become the new prime time. 

I've turned into a nocturnal creature and find myself awake at odd hours. Just last night I walked outside at 2am and happened to look right catching a star skip across the sky like it was a stone. It was long, exaggerated even, and you know I sort of let out this yelp of glee and heard my hands clap at my good fortune. The moment punctuated the darkness and I am so grateful for that. Nature is such a force.

Tuesday, November 20


Fox Totems | Alaska Series

Mountain Range | Alaska Tool Series

Three | States United Series | Framed skeleton keys

Reaching | Alaska Tool Series

Reptile Skins | Alaska Tool Series 

These are now available in the shop. We're working on getting stocked up and ready for online holiday shoppers!