Thursday, November 29


I can always count on November for moments when you want to stop in your tracks- - throw-your-head-back-wide-eyed-face-frozen- -and look up.
Oh this night sky! The moon has put on quite a show lately and the last two nights are no exception. Our front lawn has become the new prime time. 

I've turned into a nocturnal creature and find myself awake at odd hours. Just last night I walked outside at 2am and happened to look right catching a star skip across the sky like it was a stone. It was long, exaggerated even, and you know I sort of let out this yelp of glee and heard my hands clap at my good fortune. The moment punctuated the darkness and I am so grateful for that. Nature is such a force.


  1. Oh, I had a moment like that while camping with Tim once ~ an enormous skipping star blazing a path across the dark, and Tim was looking the other way! I wanted to share it with him but just had to hold it all to myself.

    I bet the full moon up there was gorgeous.