Saturday, November 17

Pure heart.

My heart could pop and ooze love right this very second. I'm cozy at home reflecting on a month of bazaars. Today was my last one and oh Fairbanks, it was fun. I like you. You reminded me why I chose you. 

Three consecutive weekends can tire a girl out, but man, it's worth it to sit here now -- one big puddle of love. Thank you. There is nothing quite like striking a feeling tone of community while doing that thing you love -- sharing art with people. 

*  *  *

One of my favorite moments from the Watershed Holiday Market was when a little girl--couldn't have been older than 7 or 8-- stopped by my booth to talk gratitude.

She told me that she didn't need a gratitude stone, but wanted to tell me the things she was grateful for anyway.  

Doesn't that fill you up? Make you feel in your bones that everything is going to be alright? We're all in this together and our kids are showing us the way. They are pure heart.


  1. I saw your comment on FB... Yep, there is hope for the little ones who will be the future... There needs to be more like her!. BTW love that school bell!. Looks like my idea about painting nails took off! and to think I was joking!.

    1. Thanks Chris for your comment. Isn't it funny the things that resonate with people? I think by painting my designs on friend's nails, it makes art even more accessible, which is such a good thing. Bell sold without even being in the shop!! I love it when facebook works like that! xo

  2. Amy...
    >>>I am glad that you are happy within...filled up with love and a feeling of gratitude after a lots of work going into your art fairs these past few weekends. I love that you always see CLEARLY the beauty that surrounds you...and that you come here and share it with us. I also love that you had those gratitude stones and that little sign to encourage others to 'dip into their gratitude well' and share theirs as well. Pure Love indeed...much love from Cape Cod... xoxo San

    1. It always warms me to hear from you Sandi. Thank YOU for always seeing the world through your kind and loving heart. It is important work, and does not always come easy. Keep shinning bright dear heart. xo