Thursday, October 25

Around here

I've settled into a nice routine this week. It goes something like this:  Greet the day, coffee, pet walk, painting, eating, painting, painting, painting, stretching, filling up water glass, painting, painting, get the picture.  

I like to listen to things when I paint and I have been on a roll going through the archives of This American Life. I think I have a crush on Ira Glass - scratch that. I definitely have a crush on Ira Glass. He has the best laugh. I want to invite him to a dinner party. I do.
 I discovered this podcast earlier in the week and felt like I won the lottery: From Scratch, A radio show about the entrepreneurial life.  Thirty minute chats with a variety of entrepreneurs. It's inspiring.


  1. This is so beautiful. I love your photos

  2. you have the perfect alaska-wilderness life, eh? fairbanksy.

    mister pencilfox is winding his way to fairbanks the first weekend of november. i wish i could tag along and meet up with you, but SOMEONE must stay home with the animals....

    wishing you much inspiration and endless paint-and-water.


    1. Hmmm. Curious what folks in Sutton think is the "perfect-fairbanksy-alaska-wilderness life..." If it's daily pet walking in the "neighborhood" , painting and podcast listening then YES! It is pretty perfectly awesome : )

      I WISH you could come to Fairbanks with Mister Pencilfox...
      I know we live in a huge state, but I feel one day we will cross paths and won't that be a beautiful thing?! xo

  3. Especially love that last shot - breathtaking. I have GOT to visit Alaska someday!

  4. Oh Amy I am in love with the keys...keys to creativity...a secret room, heart, for can I get one of your special keys? Are they in your shop?

    1. Hi Susie!
      Keys will be in the shop this holiday season for sure. I'm working on painting for a few November events and after that I will be back to regular updates in the shop which will have keys! xo

  5. Yay, can't wait! I will give them to myself for Christmas this year! Keep painting girl! You ROCK!

    ps...Someday I am going to come visit your great state...I have wanted to for years.

    Moose is an animal totem I am connectting with right now as I try to finish illustrating a children's book and I have yet to see this illusive animal in the wild despite traveling to Maine and rural Ontario extensively. Perhaps one day in Alaska!

  6. Thank you sweet lady! Alaska is waiting for you under the snow.
    I guarantee you a moose sighting if you visit Alaska.

    Are you on facebook? I announce shop updates and sales on my fan page, would love to connect over there too!

    I want to see this children's book you are illustrating....

  7. Fantastic! I think I'm slowly settling into a similar groove, I just need a little more This American Life in it :)

  8. Can there be too much good in one spot? If there is it's on your blog, love the keys, and the photo of the kittie is great, hope your winter is lovely and congrats on fulltime working indie!