Saturday, September 15

Homer, Alaska...

...a town I crush on annually.

That's me. After 24 hours awake. 13 hours driving. Dinner and wine at Fat Olives. We were late night beach combing before turning in. This is what we came home with:


  1. Fantastic haul of stones! Looks like a prett magical place :)

  2. yes. homer. i've only been there once and it seems so close.
    you certainly had a bountiful beachcombing expedition!

  3. This question is for the artist community. Yeah, what does it take to become a great artist? Let's suppose i paint 10 really really good masterpieces in my entire lifetime. Is that enough to make you a good renouned artist who will be remembered for ever? Or is it compulsory to dedicate your life to art and spend a lifetime doing countless good (or just good) paintings? Which of these two?

    1. I wouldn't be too concerned with being "a great artist," but rather one that is true to yourself and your life's calling. Our job as individual's is to be open and available to the inner nudges. Being a known artist takes time, persistence, dedication, practice and most importantly creating from an authentic place. I believe that being an artist is a calling. It is not a road paved with masterpieces and kudos. It is hard work, can be lonely and quite a winding path to go down. You must show up every day and work on your craft. If masterpieces that stand the test of time follow and you are remembered forever -- that is great! But I would caution you to not let this be the driving force behind making art.