Friday, May 11

Coming Out Party

I acknowledge and accept that I am a spiritual being crafting a human story.

I choose everything.

I choose the thoughts I think and the feelings I feel.

I choose my finances, my career, my home, and the company I keep.

I choose what I listen to and what I watch.

I choose the story I tell.

I choose gentle over hard, belief over doubt, and oneness over separateness.

I treat my body and heart with the utmost respect.

I recognize the importance of living authentically.

I understand that peace is an inside job.

I promise to always see you and the light you shine.

I empty myself daily to this.

I let go and re-weave darkness into light.

This is my practice.

And as a wild wind whips across the river – I say – And so it is!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm happy to hear this beautiful girl. Sending a shock wave of love to you Skye!

  2. Love this Amy.

    Love you too.

    And I Love what you are creating these days...

    And so it is.



  3. i'm with you, dear alaskan sister.

    1. Kisses foxy! Hope to meet up at some point this summer : )

  4. Love. Love. Love. Your work, your art, your words. Thank you for shining your light out into the world.

  5. Thanks for these words today. The hearing of them was needful.

    I don't know if I've commented before, but I do stop by occasionally. Its always lovely to hear another fairbanksan's perspective... especially one as frequently insightful as yours.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jasmine....I was able to find your lovely blog that way!! xo

  6. like everyone above, i'm glad i read these words today, precisely when i needed them.