Monday, March 12

Nightstand Edition: Sacred Spiral Energy (passage read before bed last night)

"The Spiral's major role is to integrate the energies of light through your cells. It also breaks down the barriers of the ego, allowing you to more easily access the energy of the heart. It gives you support in traveling through the dimensional spaces as they open up. The Spiral has a separate consciousness. When the Spiral is present, you will often experience a physical movement through your body. It can be a very deep physical experience. Trust this and just let go as the spiral takes you energetically where you need to go. Allow your own transformation to take place as the Spiral unravels you with its energy and movement. This unraveling is important because you are like a tight ball letting go. The Spiral opens you up so that you can receive the light, and heal through the cells, releasing the "holding on," the struggle and the tiredness in the cells."
- Christine Day


  1. oh honey... we are so in-sync. i am looking forward to sharing tea and conversation with you. xoxo my soul sister.

  2. wow. powerful message.
    [another great stone!]

  3. Amy...
    Beautiful stone. Beautiful art. Beautiful you.

    I am forever drawn to spirals...I have no memory of of anything else. They show up all the time in my artwork too...

    Sending a big, warm, cuddly (((hug))) my friend.

  4. Love your stone. And I've become interested in spirals lately,,, so the words you shared were awesome!