Wednesday, March 14

Daily life

 Long johns by Shanna's Tie Dye 

The dishes are stacked, pet fur has taken over my home, the grocery store needs to be hit, dinner planned, letters mailed and I have exactly 45 minutes to paint before a snowshoe dog walk with a girlfriend. These 45 minutes matter.

Never mind how much my monkey mind shouts for me to recite and attack my to-do's.  45 minutes will shift attention to a quiet mind and a world of color and line. Let's get our creative on peeps. Before all else give let's give it that 45 minutes. It matters more than the dishes, more than the distractions.


  1. i love seeing the sunlight outside, and your orange fluffy ray of sunshine watching over... it makes me happy for you!

  2. I LOVE those long johns!! How fun :)

  3. Yes, it matters! Time to create and enter that world of color, line and shadows. :)

  4. I like how, often, the 45 minutes turns into a longer stretch.