Tuesday, February 7


I've spent the last few days in and around Portland and I think I have a new favorite city! 
With three painted stones left behind, I'm heading out tomorrow. I'll spend a day and a half in a warmer location then onward into the cold! Nine stones left to scatter....


  1. Amy! You're so close to me!!!
    p.s. I love Portland!!

  2. I love your idea and i imagine how those who will find your beautiful stones will be delighted! enjoy your journey!

  3. Sweet Amy~

    I love how you are "scattering joy and goodness" around Portland. (and your sweet little bags tied onto lovely little spots...)
    Your photos here are wonderful... Thanks for taking us with you to Portland...

    ~sending a (((hug)) from Cape Cod...


  4. I loved Portland!! So many favorite little spots ~ Byways Cafe and Cargo, for two! Have fun on the rest of your travels. Wish I was there to find one of your stones. x

  5. it's difficult for me to travel.
    thanks for the trip....i'm loving every moment of it!