Saturday, February 11


I did the math on the plane. I've been coming to Germany for 17 years. 17 years! I could hardly believe it. I first came in 1995 to visit my sister who was dating the guy that would soon join our family as our brother-in-law. Then, my parents moved here eleven years ago. Germany feels more like home than where I grew up in Texas. Life is full of surprises. 

Today my dad and I walked the city and took photographs.  The sun was out and so were the birds. It made my heart happy to be alive! To be here! To have a dad that likes to go on photo scavenger hunts!!

 I'll begin scattering stones as soon as I plot
 the locations and recover from jet lag.

Be back soon!


  1. YOU grew up in Tx?????? omg, all this time I thought u were from Germany! lol.btw have u heard from any of those lucky souls who found your stones????

  2. germany!
    more stones left behind here??

  3. where in Germany? you're on my continent? right now? cool.

  4. first of all, i have to say that i absolutely love your blog. it's the first one i started following, and the reason i decided to have one of my own! secondly, i've been wanting to know what it's REALLY like to live in alaska...since i started reading your blog over a year ago, i've been enchanted by the idea of moving to alaska and living inside a snowglobe, despite all my friends thinking i'm insane. is it as magical as it looks? the thing that stops me in my tracks is the idea of perpetual darkness for months and months...i don't know if i could handle it! i'd love to hear from an actual alaskan about such things :) thanks for writing your sweet blog for people like me to enjoy! *Taylor

  5. Dear Amy,
    Which part of Germany are you in? I have been from Frankfurt, south to the border, and as far west as Fulda Gap.
    So excited that you will be leaving stones there. That is so much fun!
    One of my other Etsy favorites, Otchipotchi, is making 100 ceramic sparrows, that she numbers, and places in a park, where they "fly" away. She is from Portugal. Maybe your stones and her birdies will "meet" one day.
    Hope that you are having the most beautiful time in Germany. I all the world, that is my 2d choice of a place to live. I live at my first choice! Hugs from Kodiak!

  6. you're only an hour away...heavenly. xo

  7. Germany! I love it. Have a great time!! x

  8. I just read back through your last few posts about leaving behind a few of your rocks on this journey! What a wonderful, unique way of sharing your work with the world, I can totally see someone freaking out upon finding this little bundle, wondering what it is at first and then feeling like they won a prize or something when they open it up! Brilliant!!!! Hope you are enjoying your adventure and thawing your bones out a bit! Aloha...

  9. I was just waiting for this post! I love these pictures.

    I'm glad you are able to go spend time there, and with your dad.