Thursday, January 26

The cold bites tonight and word on the street is it's going to get colder. Twenty below on the hill and dropping. I'm digging in.

I haven't been around much. A string of sad news brought me inside and asked me to listen. The week was scribbled with an optimist to-do, tweets, text and photo edits. There were closets to purge, plane outfits to pick and ends to tie. And all that busy came to a screeching halt, suspended, until my wind came back.

In step with the high pitch of an intense few days, memory circled lines from a dust covered journal:

In the smash of dreams
Against the busyness of hours
I carry orange blossoms tenderly

Finding that reminded me I'd been holding my breath. 
Feeling much better today, I wanted to tell you I've missed you and I'm glad we share this space.


  1. I'm sorry for your sadness. This was beautifully written.

  2. This entry made teary-eyed. And I love that bit of poem. Beautiful. Sending some warmth your way.

  3. Always so nice to read your musings...pretty...stay warm.

  4. hi Amy...
    .... For some reason I am just reading this today. (Perhaps my heart is ready now... with this volatile week BEHIND me with John so close to death, and now on a healing journey back to health.)
    You have such a beautiful way of expressing your heart... your spirit always vivid and ever-present in all you do.
    I am grateful for that gift you give so freely....It is so appreciated. I am sorry for the sadness your heart held this week... but grateful for the quoet you found that helped to set it free....
    with love, Sandi