Thursday, November 10


My eyes opened to a grey day, snowflakes falling. I laid in bed with Limano purring and the mister's arm round my waist. I love it when days start like this. My gratitude practice comes easy on mornings that start slow and with permission to stay in bed a little longer. You know what got me out of bed? A sweet call from my dad. Such a nice way to start a day!! 
Now, I have the house to myself and I'm fired up to finish a project to celebrate11/11/11. Have you heard of the 11Eleven Project? Check it out if you feel the nudge. These folks are trying to get as many globe strewn hearts recording the day from their corner of the world. I feel like a kid on Christmas and would love to have you over to sit under the tree. Big bliss'd out love to you! Check back tomorrow and I'll show you what I made. 


  1. Hi Amy -

    I've been reading your blog for awhile now, but this is my first comment. I just wanted to say that I love the glimpses into your life. I was born and raised in Alaska (living in Seattle now), but I feel the call to come home daily. It is nice to sate my homesickness with tales of Alaskan life.

    Also, I think the glass float in this post is stunning. They have always been one of my favorite Alaskan treasures, and I think you have added to its beauty and simplicity.

    Enjoy Alaska for me.

  2. Hi Erin!
    I'm so glad you wrote. Thank you for your readership, I'm honored to give you an Alaska fix through the blog : ) I understand all to well the mighty pull that this place has on our hearts...will you be coming back?
    Seattle can feel a little like Alaska...with the carhart wearing folks, the beards and rain? The glass floats are fun to paint. My in-laws scored a large box of them outside of Anchorage this summer and I was the happy recipient! I'm continually in awe of their subtle beauties...each one is different than the one before...