Sunday, October 2

Hey October - -

I'm holding a space for you that's made with miracle and belief. This month I'm celebrating all sorts of things. My side job is shrinking which means the majority of my week is art business based and that. is. awesome. Sweet relief peeps! This coming Friday is my art opening and on Saturday, the 8th, all the photo's and postcards from this exhibit will be available in the shop!

Thanks to all who have been helping these dreams of mine surface and expand. Your energy and loving gaze are making it happen. I feel it and it's a  tidal wave of  goosebumps and perma-grin. Love you all ((xo))


  1. I am glad your art is taking more of your time!. Your art is very unique and displays a lot of positive energy!.

  2. Thanks so much Chris. The spread of positive energy can change the world!! I believe!!

  3. That's great news, Amy. We hope to be able to make it to the opening if we can get away from setting up by then.
    xoxo Kim

  4. Thanks Kim! I hope to see you there!! I have to work the weekend (sat/sun) of the ester bazaar but hope I can work something out so I can head out there and see it and you!!