Monday, October 24

The Good of 2012

Mind's Eye /Acrylic on Stone

While bidding the sun a final farewell on this fine twenty - fourth of October, I was squeezed by curiosity. I'd like to hear about the good you are expecting in 2012. 
Easy breezy wheezy, I'll start:

I'm expecting to see hearts in unusual places.
I'm expecting to hear stories about communities coming together.
I'm expecting more fresh alaskan grown produce & product in my supermarket.
I'm expecting 7 days a week of a full swing thrive in my creative business.
I'm expecting to quit my part time job.
I'm expecting to feel content, at peace and in love with the present moment.
I'm expecting to notice more good in people, places and events.

Now how about you?

What's your list?


  1. Heehee, I love that last photo.

    I'm expecting to find beauty, resilience, self-expression, and love.

  2. love your art! i'm expecting,(and praying for), a liver transplant for my brother.

  3. I saw this on the beach outside Knysna, South Africa and I thought of your blog :)

  4. It is really wonderful to hear the good each of you are expecting. I love knowing it b/c you better believe I'm going to put my mind power on it and picture you swimming in your self defined sea of good!!

    You all MUST check out what Tara sent (Thank you Tara, it. is. awesome)
    Quite possibly the coolest natural heart I've ever seen!

  5. So my mom sent me her list in an email. It really made me happy. I had to share:

    What am I expecting or anticipating in 2012?

    1) A greater grasp of spiritual insights

    2) Continued and an ever deeper love for Dad

    3) A mindfulness and sensitivity of the needs of others and how I can assist them.

    4) To live everyday at my best and not judge others

    5) An eagerness for Ben and Nik to experience some cousins and ourselves some precious grandchildren.