Tuesday, September 13

Garage Sale Treasure

One of my favorite parts about summer, weekend garage sale'ing, is nearing it's end. We might be able to squeeze one more Saturday morning out of September but based on last weekends slim pickings it's not looking so good.

Some of my favorites finds from this month:

High top Chuck Taylor's, a flower press made in Texas, wood burning pen, bright sheets of paper,

retro owl placemats and napkins in original packaging,


a black vinyl shop chair, Muddy and The Wolf record, and a bright turquoise frame.


  1. That buffet is gorgeous!. Wow, u do have luck don't you! :-)

  2. on my way to work last night, listening to NPR:
    a segment on "marketplace"....garage-sale'ing in alaska. supposedly we have the best garage sales compared to "outside" because of our migratory population. apparently alaska has the highest turnover rate of people coming people going, somewhere around 14%. we have found some really great items just because folks move and don't want to take it all with them on the road....

  3. Dang, great finds! I never find anything cool at garage sales. Maybe I am not looking hard enough. I need shelves for Piper's room - looks like I will be looking for some garage sales this weekend :-)

  4. Love your finds! Mostly that buffet! :) I miss going to garage sales, my weekends have been so full I have no time but I do have flea market and antique shops here. :)