Wednesday, September 21

Changing Season

Who knew a drive to Wasilla would be just what the doctor ordered? Contrary to what I thought,  driving 12 hours over the span of 48 hours left me feeling like new. Maybe it was seeing termination dust on mountains or the flurries of yellow leaves spinning eddies in creeks. Maybe it was that good cry to the story on NPR mid drive or the way mountains always make me feel so small and so full of wonder. 

 Somewhere on the Parks Highway I loosened up and let go. I made peace with summers end. I'm ready. Ready to surrender to another Alaskan winter. She's here. She's lingers in the morning after the cold snap of night. I want her back. Her moonlight and light bouncing snow. I want skeleton trees and a low hanging moon. I want wood stoves and snow fall.

The leaves have dropped. Nights are cold. Stars are back. Here we go. . .


  1. hey! fellow alaskan! next time drive out to my part of the matanuska valley. i'll gladly invite you in for tea....

  2. Lovely words as always - funny I posted a picture from Talkeetna today too. Fall has been nice, but winter is well on it's way. I think I'm ready for it too.

  3. what beautiful words, saying goodbye to summer and welcoming in the colder season. we had a dusting on the mountains last night too, but it felt very mild out today, despite all the rain down here.

  4. ah, I'm talking myself back into winter as well, although we get a long buffer of autumn here first. I think I'm ready.

    mulled cider, wool socks, danskos, cafes, fall hiking, foliage, gardens tangling their colors, the wood stove...