Saturday, August 27

Finding humor

Green Moon

I've heard a neighbor calling his lost dog all afternoon. At first I couldn't make out it's name with the owner's voice traveling through the brush of hillside distance.

But tonight, he was walking my street and it was crystal clear. 

"Zoloft. Z o o o o l o f t. Zoloft!ZOLOFT!!" 

It cracked me up. 

Here's this guy walking down the street screaming out the name of an antidepressant.
If you didn't know the backstory - you'd probably be wondering! It was good to giggle.

Thinking of my east coast friends riding out historic Irene. It reads via fb and blogs everyone is  keeping calm and carrying on. Some are even planning to get a little crafty. I like that. Positive vibes people.


  1. HAHha! zoloft!

    keeping the east coast folks in my heart tonight....


  2. Very funny!.. Have u been working too hard???
    btw check your yahoo...:-)