Thursday, July 7

house purge

dog fur heart

We had every intention to get out of town for the long weekend. On the morning we'd planned to hit the road I jolted out of bed to discover dog diarrhea splattered across the kitchen floor and a very rainy day. So we canned our plans, I turned off my phone, unplugged from facebook and email and set to the task of excavating years from the consumer graveyard better known as our crawlspace. 

I'm happy to say it was the best thing we could've ever done. After 20 hours of sorting-pitching-organizing, three truck loads to the dump, a storage shed filled with soon to be garage sale treasure and every surface-nook-cranny wiped clean... I physically feel lighter. 

There is something about purging your house that makes you feel so dang good. 


As if smiled upon by the downsizing gods, these things hit my line of sight over the weekend:

Found in an old green trunk

grass heart growing


during our lunch break...
on one side of the kitchen table - -

and on the other  - -

(love the randomness here)

Matt even found a shirt he wore 11 years ago in this picture my friend sent me last month.
 I was 23, he was 25. We were out and about getting a bit rowdy I imagine.
 I couldn't resist the following "Dear Photograph" shot:

Life is wild isn't it? 

Have a great Thursday peeps.


  1. Dog fur heart...haha! Awesome.
    I love these pictures.

  2. So glad your purge was so successful! It is sooo freeing. : )

  3. purging those spaces is so lightening! We really need to do our basement. yikes.