Wednesday, June 8

( * ) dovetails

Have I told you how much I'm digging the dovetails?

I say " Bravo" to Matt and his gorgeous wooden boxes. 
Oh! The things we have in store for you . . .


  1. *i* dig the dovetails, also!!
    rocks presented in dovetail boxes?....deluxe!

  2. Thanks Marie! I too think those dovetails are rad!!
    I mailed your wee fox yesterday and I bet it arrives tomorrow!
    I appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement about my work! BIG love to you!!

  3. Hats off to Matt!! Lookin' good...

  4. Some of your paintings on rocks have a very definite Australian aboriginal look. Is this something that you acknowledge?

  5. Hey Anonymous! People have said my stones have an australian aboriginal look. I was always surprised when people said that at first, b/c I am just a girl from Texas who paints from imagination, but after looking at Australian Aboriginal art I see what people mean!