Monday, May 2


May marks the last month of preparation before releasing new work at The Alaska House Art GalleryInstead of working myself into a frenzy, which I've been know to do when creating for an exhibition,  I've surprised myself by feeling easy and confident about it. This is not to say that nothing is getting done - quite the contrary! I'm filling any available space with painting (smash a waitressing shift or two in there as well) and trying to find the right words to narrate it. Wooo-wee. I'll tell you this. It doesn't feel much like work or look anything like a frenzy. 
What a gift it is to love what you do.
It is so important to find that thing that makes you come alive and DO IT! Do it even when your legs are shaky and you have no idea where to begin or what questions to ask.  Simply start where you are and I promise, PROMISE doors and windows will open for you. I feel passionate about this! We don't have time for anything else! Okay, okay. I'll stop being a cheerleader (wink) and leave you with this: 

I'm over the moon excited about these stones pouring out of me and feel so enthusiastic and joy filled to share them with you....but not just yet.....almost time. 
Until then, I'll be taking my green smoothie in the studio thankyouverymuch and painting my little heart out. 

(best kitchen appliance evah' is the Vitamix - life changer!!)

(ps) This is the '222' post! Cool! On the second of May no less!

Happy May


  1. Great hearing your voice last night! Can hardly wait to see the freshly hatching rock magic! xo

  2. funny...i, "2" like it when numbers do those kind of things...they say, that in this year of 2011 with its 1/1/11, 1/11/11 & its 11/1/11, 11/11/11 that you can also personally get to "111" by taking the last two digits of the year you were born & add it to the age that you are & the result will be the same for EVERYONE...(insert a little twilight zone music now!)

    PS: i loveLOVElove my fox & my lichen...IMMENSELY!