Friday, May 27

Progress update

We've been round the clock working with this being the final week to get everything finished for next Friday's opening. Our schedules have been so jumbled up, we found ourself grilling salmon at 4 in the morning when we realized neither of us had eaten dinner and were starving! Maybe that has something to do with those 10pm latte breaks we've been taking?

A little insanity is good I've decided. I have one stone left to paint and I might be finished with that one today! Then it's re-sanding and re-oiling boxes, sealing and glueing rocks and finishing the text that will accompany the exhibit. Whew! Almost there....


  1. Missing you guys. So happy that the end is near! You industrious lady you! Grilling at 4:00 am sounds divine!!

  2. i hear ya' on this, sweet fellow alaskan: many days we burn the candle at both ends and wonder why, at 10 p.m., we're both starving and beat with a stick.
    here's to long alaskan summer days!

    sending you good luck wishes for your show!

  3. So very proud of you Amy! I can NOT wait to see what all you have accomplished!