Monday, May 23

I hope

I hope your mamma told you it was good to daydream out windows. Look what was waiting for me when I did just that.

11:44pm  5/22/11  Fairbanks, Alaska

A peculiar thing is happening too. People I don't even know, out of their kind hearts are gifting me rocks. These were dropped off at Matt's work for me last night. They were collected in Washington at Ruby Beach. 

And these beautiful notes are coming in. Like the one below commenting on a facebook post of the picture above. Which by the way, are we facebook friends? I want to be. 
I'm rolling out a very special something over there in the next week or so and I don't want you to miss out.  Let's be Friends. 

Here's that note I was telling you about. It was a day maker. 

re: rock delivery
I seriously love that. I love that YOU are responsible for making folks cherish the beauty -the simple beauty- of life. I remember looking for rocks for you in Ireland; what a simple pleasure it was; it made me soooo happy. What a precious gift that was. I also see the hearts around me -in the ham I put in the boys' sandwiches, in the toothpaste left in the sink I think of you. These are the the real gifts of life. Thank you for making me notice the things money just can't buy. . .

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