Friday, April 22

We made lists for you

The night we returned from Homer, Matt asked me what my favorite parts were of our travels. I thought it would be fun to make a post out of our answers. 

Do you guys do this after a vacation or a particularly good day? Recite your favorites? 

Blue sky + BIG white mountains

Drinking morning coffee at the ocean on the first morning. 
No wind and bright light warming gray + red stones

Dinner’s and lunches

Mermaid Café: sunlight filtering through glass pitchers filled with crushed ice, water and lemons. It was quite stunning and I totally dorked out over the whole thing in my head, of course.

Leaving out the last morning to a big moon hanging over ocean, then over spruce trees whipping by in predawn. It’s 4:44am and the espresso hut OPEN sign is on! Score!

Sipping on wine that delivers oak and vanilla undertones 

buying Toby Tyler's art work

Good meals – Talkeetna’s Roadhouse (Hungarian Mushroom soup + homemade bread with butter) Fat Olives, which also had the best servers ( The caesar salad was a crisp, lemon delight – I recommend!)

Beach combing, Bishop’s Beach

Homer Brewery, the owner was so cool. They were closed but she saw us roll up and happily opened up so we could get our hoody fix.

Coffee around every corner

New music (Hayes Carll + Black Keys) and the resurrection of old CD case (Neutral Milk Hotel, Ben Harper, Ryan Adams)

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