Thursday, April 14

Spilling it (sort of)

I have such a surprise for you! 

I wasn’t planning on saying anything yet, but earlier I had a pleasant conversation with a perfect stranger that inspired this post. And I thought there's no harm in a little peep....

Amy Komar original art is going on a road trip and you're coming along!

Now, I’m not saying when or where, but one morning soon you’re going to visit this blog and we’ll be on our way.  You’ll be sitting shotgun belting out a song you like on that mix I made. You know a mix will be made. You must soundtrack a road trip. 
In fact, I just decided I’m going to make a few extra to give away on the blog when we get back. Oh yeah, it's on. Details soon.

old school. british columbia. summer 2007 road trip 

Back to this pleasant conversation.  After making our hotel reservation, I became tickled by the laid-back kindness of the lady on the other end of the line and the way she wrapped up our conversation: “Sooo -- we are in and out a lot this time of year so when you are walking the boardwalk to our place, we’ll leave you a note, you know a, " Hi Amy and Matt. Welcome! You are staying in 5A" sort of thing. We’ll leave your room unlocked and we’ll catch up to you later.” When I hung up I thought; this is why I live in Alaska. The ease and trust of people here is refreshing.  I love visiting small towns and am excited to witness Alaskan hospitality at its finest. I'm a lucky girl.

Get ready to pack light….

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  1. Sounds like FUN!!!!! :))
    Amy, I really LOVE reading your blog! You have such an amazing talent and a real knack for writing, as well!
    Looking forward to the trip!