Monday, January 24


moon in the snow

Sometimes the night sky feels so huge in Alaska. I was just standing in the yard, barely seven in the pm, and it all just felt so. incredibly. expansive.
My friends of winter, how about a nod to that night sky? Let's celebrate those stars and moon. Who could forget the lovely lady moon?

Deep breathes beauties. Light is inching back, riding on curtails of days that will deliver us unto spring.

And then,
ever so gently,

place us at the beginning of summer.

Taste the sweetness.


  1. I just started to taste it...then it snowed today...

  2. hi amy, i'm new to visiting your blog. i came here via your profile on etsy. I bought one of your rocks and love it so so much. I just wanted to thank you. Also now I've discovered your great blog.

  3. that expansive feeling. i need that. and miss it at times. i can only get it going to beach at the north sea. but it feeds my soul. i blame growing up on the prairie.