Sunday, January 30

"Energy Maps"

The last days of January are bright and blue. I swear I can feel spring winds - - a little early and a lot a tease, I know, but it’s the little things like this & flurries of chicadees that get you through. 

 For awhile now, I want to read anything I can get my hands on about energy and these laws of the universe they didn't teach me about in science class.

On the spiritual side of all that, these lines made an impression on me while reading around the internet:

You are energy, conscious energy with unlimited potential and omnipresent awareness of all Creation. You are an aspect of the energy which creates worlds…

“Remembering” the feeling of Oneness is the biggest rush in the cosmos... 

Your consciousness is always cheering you on...

It is all a matter of vibration, and of cycles. You make a conscious choice to change your vibration so you can “see” more of Life. Then, you see more Truth, which feels very good,  and you want to raise your vibration even more. The more you refine your energy and learn to use the laws of creation, the more you are able to maintain an awareness of your connection to your unlimited self.

You are revered beyond your imagination for what you are doing TODAY.

Loosen your grip. Loosen your grip on what you think is yours to have, those who do not uplift your spirit or support your journey, the foods and beverages that are not nourishing you in the instant you consume them. The body knows instantly if what you are taking is helpful or limiting. Loose the need to “figure out” what you might have done wrong along the way. You have done nothing wrong, nothing poorly, nothing to worry yourself with. You know how to shine your light. You know how to live from your heart and “hold that vibe” in ways that make life easier for yourself and for others.

Practice active receptivity. Appreciate  the beauty in your life. Anticipate more beauty in your life. Expect unimaginable beauty in your life. And, "hold that vibe" of knowing you are One with Love. All is One. All is Love.
(*) if this resonates with you, you can visit the full article here)

Have a great end to January!


  1. Amy, thanks for enjoying my blog and for sharing the messages from spirit with others. May February bring the warmth and illumination you are so actively inviting.

    Love & Light,

  2. Hi Carla! I love your blog and look forward to the monthly messages!
    Thank you for all you are doing in the world. I appreciate you!
    So glad you dropped by!

  3. What a fantastic post: thank you :)


  4. i needed to read this right now. thank you.