Tuesday, December 28

So I’ve been entertaining some blog guilt. My last post was on the 22nd and it’s been awhile since I let six days float by without a word. I sat down once this past week, stared down the cursor and quickly realized it wasn’t to be. I chose to go with the flow and do some other thing.
Tonight it’s different. These last days of December have taken an interesting turn. Same old junk stirred up, or whatever it is that keeps bringing me to waiting tables and not making a full time living making art. This time though, I catch myself in the mirror and I look different. There’s a glimmer, a greater sense of understanding. I might be here again, but this time I manifested not only a month long restaurant gig where the perks are plenty, but I didn’t even have to fill out an application. Sweet! There isn’t a uniform and I can wear all black. It’s fast, furious and time passes at lightening speed. The jingle to my jangle ain’t too bad either. And it's not permanent. 
Matt would probably say different, because supposedly I’m as grumpy a fool as they come when I can’t focus all my time on the art business, but I’ve changed I tell you. I appreciate all of these twists in the roads. However frustrating the process can at times be, I am grateful for it all. 

There was something I’d missed something about stepping into the waitressing role. I missed the random moments you share with strangers. Like today, I had a woman tell me I’d brightened her day and she’d felt something bigger than her had orchestrated the serendipity of our meeting. Love that. I’d even missed the encounters where people show their gimmie-gimmie affections. Seriously, if in the first minute of my greeting your table you tell me you are a big tipper I have a tip for you,15% is average buddy, not big.
Here’s to life’s turns!! And daily adventure…
Happy last days of December to you. 


  1. Hello! I just wanted to say that I really appreciate reading your blog. Pursuing your passion is a fierce undertaking and I find your honesty and openness very heartening and encouraging. Thank you!

  2. Sistah girl...this post was worth breaking my computer vow this morning!! I've been anxiously awaiting a post from you, as has Helga. Big hugs on the day before the last day of the year. J