Tuesday, December 14

e.lix.ir - a miraculous substance

my mom spotted this heart / marigold's on my parents windowsill     8. 2010

One month to the day I will be thirty-four.  Glimpsing quickly towards the elixir of being a new age, I've decided one of my focal points for 34 is cultivating a stronger awareness and intuition about what I fuel my body with and where I place my grocery shopping dollars. Adios cheetos + pint of ice cream. Goodbye espinaca (delicious cheesy, spicy spinach dip) and carne asada combination dinner. I’ll catch you later vanilla sugar latte; this girl is returning to her roots.

I want to eat close to the earth. I want to return to whole foods, minimally processed menus, home baked bread, all things organic and eating only meat and seafood my dear husband has caught and filled our freezer with. I think it is time I begin saying goodbye to food products that support an industry I just can’t blindly back anymore.  You know, Monsanto can’t even look our mammas in the eyes and red dye number 9?? I don’t think was ever meant to leave the lab. I feel if you don’t know how to pronounce the ingredients on a can or box of (insert some processed convenience food) you probably don’t want to put it in your body. Anyways. These are the things I have been thinking about.

Last week I went to the library and left with the usual wealthy feeling the library always lends. It translated into two bags full of whole food cookbooks, a book on energy and audio books to paint to.
Tonight I was reading in one of the whole foods cookbooks when this passage really inspired:

Macrobiotics is, simply stated, eating and living naturally, choosing whole, seasonal foods that are prepared in ways that are appropriate to your health and lifestyle. Period. Besides that, there is a deep philosophy about living in harmony with nature and people around you that makes macrobiotics so fundamental. Macrobiotics brings with its philosophy and understanding that food is energy, that everything we eat becomes a part of us and helps create who we become.

So here we go folks. I’m giving myself this next month to transition into a completely whole foods diet. I feel excited and challenged and am so looking forward to feeling the difference.


  1. Good for you. It seems especially hard to do in Alaska. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

    Stay warm! xoxo KIm

  2. I completely understand where you're coming from! I had been eating a more whole foods based diet and this past week veered away from it and I can totally tell a difference. Time to get back on the wagon!

    Good luck with your transition!!

  3. I am so onboard with this. I stand behind this philosophy wholeheartedly! I am so excited to see someone else taking a stand. I recently read Body Toxic by Nena Baker. I picked it up at the library. It certainly took my commitment to real food to another level. Way to go. This is not easy to do.