Wednesday, November 24

It's been a weird few days....

Freezing rain. Power outages. Flashing eerie green lights from transformers blowing. Fogged in. Trees cracking and bending. Frozen slip and slide roads. Gone with the Wind on a laptop. Candles burning on every windowsill. Holding breath as a gravel truck starts honking as he’s blazing down a very icy hill, behind us. Ice skating on the deck. Dogs that race manic laps in yards. Cars in ditches. Tree branches strewn across roads. 

That’s what my last few days have looked like. It sure make me appreciate even more than before: flushing toilets, electricity, sunny winter days, snowy winter days and that plane ticket outta here in the Spring! Much respect for my friends whose winter normal includes freezing rain. You guys are hard-core.

Happy day of thanks to all of you. We’ll be untraditional on the menu tomorrow – firing up the grill for ribeye’s and cracking into king crab. I'm also trying my luck at Brie en Croute and a sourcream apple pie. I think I even have a fine bottle of malbec somewhere around here. It is going to be a good day.
Hope you and yours have a lovely one as well. Off to clean house and start baking for tomorrow. I'll be back on Friday with free shipping on everything in the shop through Monday the 29th!


1 comment:

  1. Look what I missed! You managed to melt the beauty out of it again, Amy. Thinking of you all in the Northland. We barely made it out of the Seattle snowstorm before they closed the runway down too.
    have a great day!
    xoxo Kim