Friday, October 1

oh happy day!

I’ve felt the joy arriving in October all day long, especially when this little lovely fell off my jean tonight. . .

It is just a simple screw, but there is beauty there.
I love that it’s circles on silver, a tiny bulls eye of a wink for the bet I place on myself this month. I have news!! I have been gifted time, friends. Each and every sweet little twenty-four hour this month is mine to focus on my creative business in any which way I like. This truth is nothing less than delicious delight. I am feeling it down in my toes.

Oh the things I have in store for you. There will be new stones in the shop each weekday this month, there will be fingers snapping pics, (((new))) Alchemy of Connection paintings, more blog posts, a new collectors sale released first to fans of 'amy komar original art' and a very special invitation to be a part of an exclusive collection of original work. Sit tight and know all good things are coming!! 

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