Tuesday, August 31

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Matt: What did you just say?

Me: Oh, I was just giving Fairbanks a big  - MUAH - smack on the lips.
I am so happy to be home.

Matt: Me too.

 That was our first exchange when we walked out of Fairbanks International Airport this week.  We stood wild-eyed in sleep deprivation and a bit kooky from our cocktail of time zones. Our friend said we had crazy people smiles when he rolled up.

In the span of 48 hours we drove 12 hours on the Autobahn. Italy to Germany. 80 - 110 mph. Took a three-hour nap lying down. Hopped on a 2-hour train to Frankfurt. 2-hour airport layover = espresso's and pastries. 8 hour 40 minute plane ride in seat 41D (middle seat, second to last row, tired really sets in at this point). Land in Detroit, miss connecting flight = 4 hour layover. 3 hour 10 minute plane to Salt Lake City. Middle seat again but this time sit next to a chatty person. Went by fairly quickly. 2-hour layover. We sat outside on a bench in some great weather. Salt Lake you treated us well. 4 hour 30 minute plane to Fairbanks. 1st class (thanks brother Dan) with ice cubes clinking in real glasses.

Whew. It was worth it. I am still digesting the light and color of Italy, treasure boxes of moments with family, shared meals patio style, windy cobblestone walks and full moon light. My vacation filled me with just what I was seeking. Family – time - nothing to do - bright, colorful meals and hot, hot sun. I was poolside and smiling the whole time, you better believe it.

Now I have a half moon rising, fog rolling across the Tanana and crisp air hiting turning leaves. I am taking this first week of September to settle back in and create new spaces for winter. I will be tending to my home and my creative business and generally just following the flow.  I am so grateful for this time. 

Hey! I’ve made a commitment to my flickr photo stream and will be posting photos on a regular basis starting in September 2010. Kicking it off with Italy ...


  1. Hearting you and your pictures! I have a cocoa thingamijig for your lattes; I just need to send it off :-)

  2. Oh Amy, I adore your perspective and your photos. Makes me want to travel to Europe again!!