Sunday, August 15

A note to my younger self

One of the good things about being a part of the Komar family is that your brother will one day grow up to be a commercial airline pilot who will gift you international travel where you’ll fly first class at domestic prices. Your parents will one day move to Germany and your sister will secure this German connection by marrying a man that will become one of your favorite people. Your family’s home base will become cities with the names of Bamberg and Wurzburg. 

When you are 33, you will travel with your husband 

during the summer to meet up with your entire family for a vacation in Italy. Can you believe it ?! 

You will wake up for weeks straight around this time rattling off all of the goodness that holds your life and those sad days of heartbreak and unknowns will feel far behind you. This is the time you start to really feel those old dreams materializing at great speeds all around you.  You will walk taller these days and will no longer dread the small talk question “What do you do for a living?” because Amy, at this point you will know that you are an artist. You will feel insanely lucky and never go another day without recognizing the magic and bliss that your life is made up of. 

Isn't that great?

With so much more to look forward to,

Your older self

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  1. My beautiful Sister. Amy. My most favorite artist. I got a little "verklemmt" reading your post and even more excited about seeing you and meeting Matt tomorrow!!! Love to you.