Friday, March 12


I feel the gaining eleven hours of daylight casting a spell on me. My appetite is growing for summer. My feet hit the floor a little softer these mornings in anticipation of sharing the first coffee with the sun.

I also get that stomach dip feeling as of late, when driving home in early evening - 7ish - to lavender clouds floating across a softened yellow sky. Well, it wasn’t all yellow. Some of it was the color of ripe peaches and the inner lining of conch shells. It sure was something.

That stomach dip feeling I’m telling you about? It dates back to my first summer in Fairbanks – I was full of twenty something invincibility and the green/pink cycle of 21 hour’s of light.

All the beauty in this day has me thinking about person-to-person kindness. And words. Good words, in detail.

It has inspired me to ask of you a question. Your answer is really what I am after.

Tell me –

What is a nice thing someone has said of you?

You know, that sweetness that is all you, so much so that it inspired some one to speak it aloud?

I was thinking.

How ‘bout if I tell you mine, you tell me yours?



Someone told me once, while moving within a fleeting moment of memory:

“Amy, you would be graceful even if you were walking out of a bathroom in China.”

Silly? Maybe. I always liked a girl with grace.

I wonder why that first came to mind? Maybe because within their observation - I saw in my head, me, at some unknown time, walking head tall and shiny out of a bathroom on the other side of the globe. What I know for sure is that I still light up all these years later when I remember that sweetness spoken to me. 

Send me your sweet sweet’s,  please.

Subject line: SS’s

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